Class Schedules

The Black Belt Academy offers classes at a variety of times and locations to fit your schedule. The majority of classes are for all belt levels; however, specialized classes for higher belts, as well as a Pee Wee class (for ages 3 & 4), are also offered.

Special classes, such as Women’s Self-Defense and Weapons are also available. Check out the schedules for our various locations for details:

Tae Kwon Do training schedule:

  • Monday/Tuesday (Basic Day)
    Punching, One Step Sparring, Test Requirement Kicks
  • Wednesday/Thursday (Advanced Day)
    Blocks, Forms, Sparring
  • Friday (Review)
    Punching, Blocks, Test Kicks, One Step, Free Sparring, Forms
  • Meditation, Board-breaking, Basic Kicking, Punching, and Target training will be offered for EVERY CLASS