Demo Team

Shim Demo TeamTae Kwon Do is not just for physical fitness, but also for mental discipline.

The Black Belt Academy opened in November of 1998. Two months later, the Demo Team was developed to demonstrate to the public typical Tae Kwon Do techniques.

Demo Team training consists of mainly TKD, Hapkido and weapons. We demonstrate all forms of attack and defense, using well-controlled body and mind.

Any student of the Black Belt Academy, whose spirit is strong enough to endure intensive training, with techniques learned as a Team, will be welcomed to join!

Watch these exciting video’s of Master Shim’s Demo Team in action:

  • Demonstration of Concentration
    Blindfolded Black Belt Academy Demo Team member is able to locate and break boards using only his hearing and sense of spatial awareness.
  • Special Demonstrations
    Demo team members demonstrate a 540° triple kick and a Tiger Kick.
  • Self-Defense Demonstration
    Members of the Black Belt Academy Demo Team demonstrate self-defense techniques against multiple attackers.